LR Boots are specifically made for you, doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or just love the feel of boots. We want you to wear them out – dinner, movies, rodeo, the list is endless – good boots take you to good places. Here at Belts & Boots, we want to offer everyone the opportunity of having a pair.

When we take your order, we ask a few questions, the size of your foot and the width of your foot. We will ask for your euro size and if you are ordering a 14″ or long drop we will ask for your calf measurement.

We want to know if you want a long drop 16″, 14″, 10″, 7′, 5″ or a shortline boot.

We ask what kind of style of boots you want if you want leather, suede leather, fringe suede leather, or lycra.

We want to know what colour you want your boots to be and if you want contrasting or complimentary stitching.

The heel can be Cuban 4.2cm, Half Cuban 3.2cm or Low Block 2.7cm, you can also have a coloured heel in the choice of the boot if its suede, the colour black or wooden look.

What sole do you want for your boots- you have the choice of a dancing suede, a dancing leather (both of these are only to be worn on the dancefloor). an outside leather or a triple-stitched cowboy leather.

We finish off with would you like zippers or tabs, zips make it easy to get your boots on and off.

One of our Belts & Boots friends said “Well have you heard of building your own bear, well this is building your own boot!

Custom-made does take time, from the time we place your order we are looking at up to 3 months, but in the end, you have a pair of boots specifically made for you, your own creation.

We do have a selection of popular styles in stock, so don’t be shy to ask us what we have got, and you may be able to skip the wait time.