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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's my size?
    • Check out our size charts, don't forget to measure your calf... to add for your comfort :)
    • The Short line boots are a different size, so check the chart on that page:)

  • How do I know what sole to order?
    • Our dance shoes come in dancing leather sole, dancing suede sole, outdoor leather and cowboy.  Dancing leather and dancing Suede are considered dancing soles;  they are only made for smooth floors they are not manufactured for outdoor wear. Outdoor and cowboy leather are for outdoor wear - these both can be worn on the dance floor if the hall is suited for all footwear. Cowboy leather is like the cowboy boots that give the look of a cowboy boot, double stitching on the sole.

  • Can you post my boots and how much does the postage cost?
    • Postage in Australia is $18.95(up to 2 pairs) any more than that is Price on Application, outside of Australia is Price on Application

  • How long will my boots take to arrive?
    • It will take at least 10-12 weeks for your boots to arrive, as they are custom made; they don't start making until they receive your order - it is worth the wait!

  • How do I Pay?
    • Through PayPal via Website or contact us for alternative payment.

  • Can I contact you?

  • Do you have a shop?
    • Yes! We have a show room at 29 Oakes St, Childers Queensland.  Customers are very welcome by appointment only.