Remove dust and grime with a damp cloth or sponge – let them air dry. Once dry, apply leather cream, polish to dry and then buff with a soft cloth or brush.

Leather needs to breathe just like our skin, clean them after you wear them, if they need it- don’t put dirty boots away in storage.

Suede leather- marks can be buffed off with a fine grain sandpaper – be gentle and careful with this method.

Always a good idea to scotch guard your suede shoes before wearing.

We have heard that the use of paper stuffing in the toes and in the column of your boots, will absorb any leftover moisture and any odours.

Avoid wearing your boots in the wet. If you do get them wet, let them air-dry before storage.

Store your boots in a boot bag, this will keep them upright and free of dust.

Your boots are an investment and will last you a long time, if you give them some TLC.