From the Ground up…

It’s all about the base, quote unquote Meghan Trainer, that is true when you are building your boots.  What heel do you think will work, am I used to wearing heels? If not, maybe the Half Cuban and the Ex Low are for you? Cuban Heel definitely- if you are used to heels.

What sole do I need? If you are going to be using your boots only on the dancefloor, yes go for the dancing suede or leather.  If you want to wear your boots out to dinner, the movies, or shopping, go with the outdoor leather, you will get twice as much wear out of them. The cowboy leather is triple stitched so gives your boots the cowboy look.

Our leather has a sheen on it when they arrive, once this shine wears off they won’t be slippery anymore and you will get years of wear out of them.